Global team of logistics and technology experts

Core Team

Govind Singh

Product Strategy/ Past Trucking

With 11 years in trucking and IT, Govind is the perfect candidate that is able to solve the problems of the fragmented US trucking Industry. With his passion for technology, and knowledge of Trucking industry Govind, along with his fellow partners, is motivated to solve many of the trucking community’s problems. e.g.

Expensive server-based logistic software, never-ending government/regulatory forms, unfriendly software interfaces with limited mobile access, inefficient shipper-to-broker-to-carrier marketplace interactions, several compliance issues and many more. List goes on and on. Solution is needed, Govind’s depth of knowledge in the trucking industry, plus technical/software skills of SLOGN team will create a solution.

Ihor Pidruchny

Product Design

Ihor is focused on defining the product based on the business vision and bridge the technology with industry needs and opportunities. Logistics is one of the most complex industries when it comes to automation and user experience. Having spent 15 years in IT, his last 5 years were devoted to tackling complex logistical questions, workflow automation, event sourcing, distributed applications designed with resilience in mind, domain driven design and microservices.

Nanak Singh

Industry Relations

With over 12 years of working in the Trucking/Logistics industry as dispatcher, manager, and president/owner, Nanak has always yearned to bring efficiency to the industry while at the same time improving the lives of all of the people involved in operations. He managed to grow a company from 10 trucks to 130 trucks in an impressive amount of time.

Andrew Zubko


With vast experience in networks, software design and development, Andrew focuses on choices of solutions and approaches, architecture and implementation. He guides the SLOGN development team.

Eugene Ciurana

Business Advisory

Eugene provides SLOGN with global level guidance in AI, blockchain and platform design. Eugene is a technology veteran of Silicon Valley. Since his start of career in 1980s he built and sold numerous technology startups. He worked at senior positions or as advisor in companies like Walmart, Yahoo, Mulesoft, Badoo and many more.

Development Team


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