AI blockchain coin for decentralized logistics

SLOGN is open source technology for decentralized logistics.

SLOGN is an open source platform for decentralized logistics using blockchain and artificial intelligence. The global logistics Industry, with an $8 trillion annual revenue, needs significant innovation for transparency, efficiency, and speed.

With its team of seasoned technology and trucking industry experts, SLOGN is set to transform logistics through open source solutions that everyone can take, use and contribute to.


SLOGN is a high level open source platform and marketplace that contains:

  • Cryptocurrency wallets
  • Multilayered node software
  • Blockchain connector SDKs
  • Wizards for visual design of smart contracts on mobile or desktop and works on blockchain.
SLOGN Technology

SLOGN Coin Usage

Rent to Logistics Companies on SLOGN Internal Exchange

Access Privileges, Fuel and Service Discounts

Pay instant transaction fees in SLOGNs

Use SLOGN for access to platform, pick orders and share resources

SLOGN Benefits for Logistics Industry

Privileges and Discounts

Privileges and Discounts

Instant Pay

Instant Pay

Transparent Contracts

Transparent Contracts

Optimization with AI

Optimization with AI

Get Paid Developing Open Source

SLOGN's approach to popularizing distributed apps is through quality open source products.

SLOGN intents to award the most talented developers and teams with fully paid contracts for developing best-in-class apps for SLOGN platform.

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Mission: Efficiency through Power of Network